jim baccus

Years of experience: 40
Position: Chief Executive Officer

Jim's experience in the downstream, midstream, and upstream segments of the oil and gas industry building a reputation of integrity, communication, and candid but fair interaction. Born into an oil family, and learning fuel logistics in the Marine Corps, his first professional experiences were establishing and managing finished products trading for a family owned fuel oil distribution and retail sales company on the Gulf Coast. Jim was subsequently hired away to manage crude and products supply/distribution for a small refiner in Louisiana. The trail led to drilling and development, marketing, and transportation for several independent operators resulting in the discovery of several oil and gas fields. Being exposed to these diversities provided Jim a unique and broad industry perspective, an ability to contribute knowledge and experience to colleagues across a broad spectrum, and the leadership skills to manage the opportunities.

mark luitwieler

Years of experience: 25
Position: VP,  Supply & Logistics

Prior to this position, he managed operations and project management at Peaker Energy, a midstream project development company focusing primarily on the development and operation of “Crude by Rail” assets in early 2013. He also is currently, actively involved in the review and modification of API Standards as they relate to “Crude by Rail”.  He sits on 2 task groups under the Crude Oil Work Group of the Rail Subcommittee on Standards.  Mark has worked for prominent corporations such as TOSCO Refining and Marketing, 7 Eleven Corporation and Musket Corp, among others. He has a broad wealth of experience across multiple commodities including refined products, crude oil, feed-stocks, and bio-fuels. Within his progressive energy career he has held several leadership roles in supply, logistics, and asset optimization and operations. He has an extensive background in managing and operating energy infrastructure assets such as petroleum terminals, crude transloading terminals, rail and truck fleets, and large retail operations. 

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