The US pipeline system is groaning under increased demand to transport crude, gasoline, diesel fuel, and jet fuel. Flagship is an approved shipper on various crude and finished products pipelines in the US, so when customers acquire more product than they have capacity to ship, the customers contract Flagship to transport their barrels. 

Used Motor Oil Processing

Flagship has partnered with a processing facility near Conroe with the capacity to de-ash up to 30,000 bpd of used motor oil. The process is more cost effective than traditional de-ashing, removing contaminants, and allowing our customers to harness the high energy value of the oil with a greener, cleaner product. Flagship, with its partner, is vetting additional locations to expand the process, improving project economics through increased processing capacity and access to waterways to reduce transportation costs.

Refined Products  - Mexico

Given Mexico's new energy reforms, there has been considerable amount of demand generated for refined products to be imported into Mexico from the US.  Flagship has all of its permits and proper certifications to supply this import demand.  We offer the following products for import into Mexico:

  • ​Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel
  • Gasoline
  • ​Off Road High Sulfur Diesel
  • ​Biodiesel
  • Alternative Fuels

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Downstream Technologies

Lube base oil manufacturing trends have created a growing deficit for certain grades of oils and waxes used in transportation, industry and processing. Flagship is working with Process Dynamics Inc. (PDI) to construct a facility which will use PDI’s patented technologies to process feed-stocks to manufacture valuable base oils and slack waxes. One such application can create Bright Stock (a high demand base oil) at 20-30% of the capital cost of a conventional facility. PDI’s patented hydro-processing and co-solvent dewaxing/de-oiling technologies have been proven in the lab and in bench scale hydrotreaters, and PDI has recently partnered with a company that seeks to validate technologies for commercial use.